55=How to Install Kayo App on Your Device? Code


The Australian sports streaming service provides you with your favourite sports shows all in one place. It gained popularity within a short while and therefore many searches are regarding the procedure to install it on several devices. And thus we are writing this blog to aim for this specific reason of providing a guide for installing the Kayo app on your devices. 

See the below instructions to install the application on devices such as Apple TV, PC, Mobile, or Tablet through the registration codes or through scanning the QR code of the app. 

The process to Activate Kayo App on a Device:

Kayo is the biggest streaming service in Australia and has millions of users. However many of them need help installing it correctly on different devices. Below are the two processes through the code and the QR, we will guide you to install the application correctly. 


How to Install Kayo App through the Code? 

This process is suitable for smartphones, tablets, and laptops of any company serving their operating system. First, you need to make an account on the Kayo website. If you already have one, go for the below steps. Note that for the successful operation of the Kayo app through activation codes, you must have the same server connectivity to both smart TV and smartphone. 

  1. First, download the Kayo app on your smart TV/other devices. You can download it from the play store or the default store of the TV. 
  2. Start the Kayo app on the device. 
  3. The app will show you an activation code of 8 digits. 
  4. Visit this official link to process further. . You can visit this URL through your browser. 
  5. Now the website will ask you to insert the code previously shown on the smart TV/ device. 
  6. Enter the codes. 
  7. Click on the continue button. 
  8. Now your device is activated and your profile is ready to stream the Kayo service. 

How to Install Kayo App through the QR Code?

The QR option is available to all devices therefore you must check if your device supports it or not. The QR code instalment process is comparatively easier to process than the other one. Once you login into your account, the Kayo app will show whether your device supports it or not. 

  1. Install the Kayo app on your smart TV. In case you have already installed it, all set for the next step. 
  2. Tap on the ‘Sign In’ button. You will see a QR code image if only your device supports it. 
  3. Take your smartphone and scan the QR Code image flashing on your TV screen. This will redirect you to the activation page. 
  4. Now, wait till the browser automatically fetches the 6-digit code. 
  5. Tap on the confirm button. 
  6. Now your TV will automatically sign in. Select your profile and enjoy your favourite sports anytime. 


The blog describes the entire process of installing and activating your profile through activation codes or QR