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Get the complete info on how to activate Kayo & Binge on your Smart TV & other gadgets using If you like sports, you will know Kayo. It is the largest live-streaming service available in Australia. It is possible to use Kayo on any device including iPhone, Apple TV or PC.

Https:// au/activation via activation code Kayo au/activate on Kay – Keeping in mind the recent search for kayo activation on the kayo app, we’ve added this guide! Today we will activate Kayo on Smart TV @ au/activate. If you like sports, you must know

How to activate au/activate

It is the largest live-streaming service in Australia. It is on the list of the best streaming services in the world. Kayo is budget friendly and the best way to watch sports streaming. You can enjoy Kayo on any device like a smartphone, Apple TV or PC.

How to activate Kayo on each device?

Take any device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop and sign up for Kayo if you don’t have an account yet, then create one.

  1. If you have not downloaded the KAYO app on your Smart TV. Then download
  2. Launch Kayo app on Smart TV
  3. You will then see an eight-digit activation code. Write down the code.
  4. Then open your browser and use your phone/tablet/computer to find the URL or code

  5. You have previously saved the code and entered the same code on the official website.
  6. Press the “Next” button.
  7. After entering the code, the device will be activated.
  8. Now your profile is ready and you can enjoy sports on the Kayo app.
  9. NOTE – You must have the same network connection on the Smart TV and the device on which you want to activate the code via the official website!

For more information about device activation, refer to the following steps – Auth Streammotion Kayo Activate and binge activate

How to Activate Kayo with QR Code [Easy Way] code

Today we are going to discuss the easiest way to activate the Kayo app on our smart TV via a QR code. However, this function is not available for every device. So as soon as you log into your Kayo app, you can check if QR code activation is possible or not! Let’s go through the whole QR code activation process

Step 1 – Try opening the Kayo app on your Smart TV. If you don’t have the app installed, you can try installing the app from the Play Store if you are a standard Android or TV Store user.

  Step 2 – Tap on “Sign In”. If your device supports QR codes, you can see them in the image below.

Step 3 – Now the main step we need to focus on. Using your smartphone, scan the QR code that you see on the TV screen which leads to the official Kayo activation page code

Step 4 – No need to worry because Kayo does our main job. The 6-digit code is taken from the browser. We need a tap on the confirmation button.

Step 5 – After tapping the “Confirm” button. Your TV will automatically log in, choose your profile and start streaming!

How to Install Kayo on Android TV using code

To activate KAYO on your Android TV, you need to follow the steps below. We will walk you step by step through the Android TV Kayo activation process!
1. Android TV OS must be 7 or higher.
2. You need to search for Kayo Sports App on Android Store and it should be downloaded.
3. After downloading the Kayo app, you need to install it.
4. Now you can login to the Kayo app using the credentials you provided during the registration process and start watching content.
5. You can subscribe to Kayo using a web browser if you have not subscribed to the Kayo app.

How to activate or connect Kayo to TV on Airplay using code

1. The main requirements to run the Kayo app on your TV via Airplay are an iOS device with an operating system 11 or higher, a strong WiFi connection, and a TV with an HDMI port.
2. Sign in to Kayo using the credentials you provided during the registration process and your iOS device must be connected to the same WiFi network that the Apple TV is connected to.
3. You can’t watch split view in Airplay, but you can watch videos, you can watch the split view while using Safari browser from a PC.
4. While watching a video, you can select Airplay on your device.
5. The selected video will then play on your TV
6. Your iOS device manages control buttons like fast forward, rewind, pause, play and key moments.

How to connect to Kayo Sports via HDMI using code

1. The main requirement to watch Kayo on TV is that you need a laptop or mobile phone along with an HDMI cable.
2. You must be an active subscriber and have a compatible laptop or mobile phone.
3. Your TV’s HDMI cable and HDMI port must meet the minimum HDCP 1.4 requirements
4. If you connect your mobile device with an HDMI cable, you will need a USB On-The-Go (OTG) adapter or Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) adapter.

How to delete your Streammotion account

To delete your Stream Motion account, you must send an email with a request! Let’s see the steps below

• Try opening the email account associated with! or code
• Click ‘Compose email’ and send an email to
• On the Subject tab, say “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT”.
• Write the body of the MAIL request to have them delete your account and delete all details like email address, etc. to remove it from their server!

Reason for message “ au/activate access denied”.

Some users who try to access the activation URL from their browser receive an error message like “ au/activate access denied”. This is because Kayo is only available in Australia. Therefore, users who visit sites in all countries receive an error message. However, if you are an Australian citizen and still getting the error message, you need to check your browser locale!

Binge Activation

How do I activate my device?
To access BINGE on a compatible TV, you must first turn on your device.

To activate your TV, use a second device to visit or

Or, if QR code activation is available, simply scan it with your smartphone and follow the activation instructions.

Select an option below for further assistance activating your TV:

Activate TV via

Activate TV via QR code

1. Activate the TV via or code.

  • Need to turn on your TV & follow these steps:
    On a compatible TV, open the BINGE app and select Sign In. You will now see a code on your TV screen as below:
  • Using a second device (e.g. smartphone or computer) visit and enter the code shown on your TV screen
    Note: Expired code? Select “Try again” on your TV to generate a new code
  • After confirming your 8-digit code, you may be asked to enter your credentials
  • Once you enter your login details, your TV will automatically log you in, select your profile and start streaming!

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2. Activate TV via QR code from when on code

  • Some BINGE devices allow activation with a QR code. If your device allows QR code activation or follow the steps below and you’ll be streaming right away:
  • Open the BINGE app on your TV and select Sign In. If a QR code is available for this device, it will be displayed in the centre of the screen as shown below:
  • Use your smartphone or tablet camera to scan the QR code on your TV, then tap the pop-up notification that appears to go to ( )
  • The 8-digit code displayed on your TV is pre-filled in your smartphone or tablet, select “Confirm”
    Note: Expired code? Select “Try again” on your TV to generate a new code.
  • After confirming your 8-digit code, you may be asked to enter your credentials

Once you enter your login details, your TV will automatically log you in, select your profile and start streaming! code code